Hello friends! It’s your friendly neighbourhood bird-people. 👋 We are still hard at work on the vision of Skylark and we wanted to bring you up-to-date on what we are doing. Given recent developments with the arkOS project, and comments from our users about their experience with Skylark as a whole, we are still very committed to the vision but are taking a bit of a different direction.

(There’s also important news for current customers below the fold, so please pay attention!)

Transition to New Project

In keeping with the discontinuing of the arkOS project, upon which some of the current iteration of Skylark is based, we will be making a transition to a new project in development called Sylow.

Sylow is a self-hosted server project we are developing with some other contributors. It is a personal data storage and exchange system, founded on the principles of decentralized sharing and encryptability, upon which a wide variety of applications can be built. Sylow is intended to be the next generation of personal cloud storage and privacy, and Skylark will partner with it to create powerful client applications and large-scale hosting capacity.

Why will Skylark powered by Sylow be better for you? For starters, the architecture is exponentially more simple. While the current iteration is powered by individual virtual machines running a custom software stack, Sylow is designed to be run in a distributed manner (akin to Mastodon or Nextcloud). This means that you will have individual Sylow servers running inside containers that can communicate with each other - a far more stable, efficient and cost-effective solution. And since end-to-end encryption is built into Skylark from the start, you get even more privacy benefits than before.

When Sylow is ready for general use, existing Skylark clients will be prompted to transition to the new system free of charge. We are putting all of our time into making the open source Sylow project the best it can be, meaning you may not see improvements to the existing Skylark service until the transition is made.

Pre-Ordered Trials Ending

If you ordered a Skylark nest as part of our pre-order campaign, take note that your purchased usage expires on May 31st. If you intend to continue using your Skylark nest past May 31st, you will need to enter your billing information into your Skylark administration panel. You may receive “Payment failed” messages from us via email if you keep using your subscription but do not add your billing information.

If you do not intend to use your Skylark nest past May 31st, you can either cancel your subscription via the administration panel, or ignore the billing emails you will receive and your subscription will be cancelled automatically.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions regarding the new Sylow project, how Skylark will be based on it, the end of your pre-order subscription, why the sky is blue, or any other question we can help you out with, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line on Twitter, Mastodon or via email.

Love, Skylark ❤️

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