We’ve been spending the last few weeks working hard and testing our new service. We’re very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish - and we think you’re going to love what we’ve built. A simple, secure home for all of your services, provided by an independent business that puts fairness first.

And now we’re finally ready to announce that you will be able to sign up and start using Skylark on December 16. Each new user will be able to subscribe and create their nest on that date, and start enjoying the benefits of having their own personal cloud.

But what sort of fun would a release date announcement be without a preorder?

So today we’re launching a preorder opportunity for people who are interested in Skylark and want to get in as early adopters. Today you can purchase a voucher and personalized invitation to join Skylark on or after December 16, and get four months of pre-paid service at a discounted rate, with one month of free service.

The preorder is also a great chance to get a gift for the privacy-conscious people on your holiday shopping list this year. The preorder vouchers can be sent to your chosen recipient on a custom date around the holidays. And if they like the service and want to use it past the first four months, they can subscribe to continue it at their leisure.

We’re encouraging everyone who wants to give Skylark a try from day one to sign up for this preorder. This way we can better evaluate demand and scale our offerings up more sustainably. Depending on how quickly demand grows, the service may be invite-only for a little while after the launch. So preorder today and skip the queue!

Preorder today!


2 x86 Virtual Cores

200 Mbps Bandwidth
Unlimited Transfer

Four months of prepaid service for


That's $10 off!

Preorder Today!


4 x86 Virtual Cores
100 GB SSD

200 Mbps Bandwidth
Unlimited Transfer

Four months of prepaid service for


That's $15 off!

Preorder Today!

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