Store your stuff.

Skylark provides virtual cloud servers (we call them "nests") on which you can store your files, media, calendars, emails and much more. Access your stuff through a clean, easy-to-use web interface, or a wide variety of third-party applications. Your cloud, just how you've always wanted it.

For you. No matter how many you are.

Whether you're an individual, a family, a group of friends or a small business, Skylark is the perfect solution for all of your online data needs. Keep your data to yourself or share and work collaboratively with other members of your Skylark nest.

Your own private cloud.

Each Skylark nest is its own individual entity, isolated from others using virtualization. That means your stuff isn't stored in one great big database, rather a series of individual silos that only you can access. All your data in one private, easy-to-access place.

Customize to your heart's content.

Enable new apps and websites on-the-fly with the Skylark web panel. Or, if you're savvy enough, customize your nest by hand using the terminal or SSH. At it's core, it's a Debian-based Linux server, like you know and love.

With Skylark, host your...








For every bird, a nest...


50 GB Storage

15k photos,
300k documents, or
800k emails!

2 vCores — 2 GB RAM

per month


100 GB Storage

35k photos,
750k documents, or
2m emails!

4 vCores — 4 GB RAM

per month


200 GB Storage

80k photos,
1.5m documents, or
4m emails!

6 vCores — 8 GB RAM

per month

All subscribers get:

High tech hosting

All Skylark nests are powered by SSD drives, with Debian Linux, 200 Mbit bandwidth and unlimited transfer.

International presence

Choose the data center you'd like best in France or the Netherlands. And more choices are on the way.

Resize anytime

Upgrade or downgrade your Skylark nest with prorated billing when your needs change. Fast and flexible.

Snapshot backups

Freeze a copy of your server for later use — just in case. Only $0.05 per GB per month.

Free updates

New apps and features are coming all the time, and you get free access to them all, just for being a Skylark user.

Friendly support

Check out a collection of helpful tutorials, or create a ticket and you can count on our helpful assistance.

Flock together.

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